Extending Devise – Registrations Controller

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In this post, I want to share my experiences in using Devise as an authentication solution for my company’s Web app.

While building Motonow, the team had to make a couple of though decisions and choosing the right authentication solution was one of them. To be honest, most of the projects I’ve joined had already overcome this phase so I’ve never participated in such conversations until Motonow.

After doing some prototypes, we’ve decided to use Devise because:

  1. It has most of the features we want to implement already in place;
  2. It’s really straightforward to start with;
  3. It’s well documented;
  4. It’s widely adopted in the Rails community;

Everything was going well until the domain model started to grow in the sense that Devise’s basic configuration was not enough for us. At that point, we needed to extend Devise, more specifically the RegistrationsController.

Domain Model

At the beginning we only had a User model so integrating with devise was pretty easy…

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