Process Explorer Tips and Tricks


I would like to take a minute and share my thoughts on Process Explorer:

-= Process Explorer =-

  • Super Task Manager – on Steroids πŸ™‚
  • Lists many details about processes and threads otherwise hard or impossible to obtain.

-=- Process Explorer Basics -=-

  • It uses a number of undocumented functions
  • When you launch it for the first time under an Administrative context it loads a device driver to help it obtain some info.
  • It helps to get the stacks of Kernel mode threads for debugging purposes.
    – Get full path names of EXE’s and Dll’s for handles that are not within the current session.
    – Runs on all versions of windows since Win95
    – Related Commands
    – Handle: command-line handle viewer
    – Listdlls: command-line DLL viewer
    -Process Explorer shows a parent-child relationship between processes organizing them in a Process Tree-View.

Example! services.exe is the services control manager application – is…

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